2019-08-09 12:34

VoidRover is a DJ and producer who debuted as a Scratch DJ at the Jam on the Groove Vol.2 party with DJ Soulscape and DJ schedule1 in 2006. He enjoyed rock music since he was young, but as time went by, he became more interested in various genres of music, especially electronic music such as Trance, House. He debuted in 2008 as a formal mixing DJ at a PPP party hosted by Transmusin and has been invited to play at a large and small party until now. In 2011, he will be a resident DJ at STEPS Lounge in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, and is also a regular guest at a TRANCEMOTION party hosted by Club TRIPPIN.

In 2012, he was invited to play on big stages such as World Electronica Carnival, and released his radio show VoidMusic Podcast, which is regularly being shown on iTunes. As a producer, he was also recently named the world's top EDM music distribution site Beatport for remixing the single track of Korean techno artist Bagagee Viphex13.

Based on Tech House, his play across genres such as Techno, House and Minimal is both grubby and powerful and is a DJ who is ready to move people's bodies and minds anytime, anywhere. As much as his unique style of play, he is always creating a new style through various research and practice and soon making it his own. Let's pay attention to his activities in front of VoidRover.