2019-07-05 10:14

MILLION MARKET representative hip-hop artist "PENOMECO & COOGIE"

Penomeco is a member of the FANXY CHILD crew, such as Zico, Dean and Crush. He is also affiliated with the Million Market, such as Suran and Coogie. He was on Show Me The Money 6, and was recognized as an artist who participated in "THE BREAKERS" and won the championship. It is gaining popularity among fans by playing vocals and rap directly, and in its latest release, "GARDEN," it has created a composition that is so full that it feels like it can condense the entire album into a single perfume.

Penomeco not only doesn't lose his presence, he also curates albums by delivering works properly. Penomeco, who made the whole piece feel his touch while maintaining consistency, unfolds his music without fail.

Coogie is a rapper with neat rapping and voice tones and is an artist who has drawn a lot of attention and popularity since appearing on Show Me the Money 777. After his debut, he is a rapper who has established a strong presence in the scene within such a short period of time that he was first offered a feature by famous artists such as Changmo and Giriboy.

"Bakery," and "Suzuran," has become much talked about in the scene through support shots by Superbee, Kidmilli, Nafla and Loco in the first EP album "Coogie". After that, "SaimSaim" and "Wifey," which have worked with the changmo, shows that the coogie's potential is currently being evaluated highly.

The stage that Million Market rapper Coogie and Penomeco will show is expected to be another unique stage for the 2019 Spectrum Dance Music Festival because of the diversity of their musical spectrum.