2019-07-04 10:22

Artist who boasts a wide spectrum of music from idol to DJ

Hyo-yeon released her first single "Sober" in April 2018 and is making a fresh turn into HYO, drawing attention from global fans with a wider music spectrum, and is actively engaging in music activities as a new DJ through a domestic club tour and an EDM festival.
DJ HYO's first digital single, "Sober," is a song in the tropical Future House genre featuring addictive electronic guitar riffs and exciting hooks, featuring renowned Dutch DJ and producer Umet Ozcan.
"Punk Right Now" is an electro-house-based pop dance song with an addictive hook and powerful beat impressive, with HYO's charming vocals doubling its appeal. 3LAU, who participated in "PUNK RIGHT NOW," is a well-known DJ and producer from the U.S., with high attention being paid to the song created by the two's collaboration.
Also, HYO has performed various activities as a new DJ through EDM festivals such as "2018 Spectrum Dance Music Festival" and "2018 World DJ Festival" and club tours in Japan, Singapore, and some other Asia country.