2019-07-04 10:11

#1 in every album released, top-tier Korean girl group!

The group's name, Red Velvet, is meant to fascinate the world with colorful, refined music and performances, like the sensual images reminiscent of intense, captivating color red and feminine, soft-feeling Velvet. Each of these albums has a colorful and distinctive concept, making them number one for every album that comes out, from Ice Cream Cake to Zimzalabim.

Red Velvet plans to perform colorful music activities under the title "The ReVe Festival" this year, while "ReVe" is an acronym for Red Velvet and under the name of the robot character showcased at its second solo concert "REDMARE," and it will look forward to a fantastic music parade through the upcoming album, as it means "Dream" and "Fantasy" in French."
Red Velvet's triple hits with "Bad Boy," "Power Up" and "Really Bad Boy" last year proved to be an "alternative girl group" with a wide spectrum of music and a variety of transformations. Red Velvet also successfully completed their Japan Arena tour in January and North America in February.