•  You must present your ID to a festival employee to get a 19+wirst band. ID: Photo + year/ date of your birth
    – Korean: Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Passport, or document providing your ID issued by Korean government
    – Foreigner: Passport, Alien Registration Card, Foreign government-issued ID Card + Copy of the Passport. (You should bring both otherwise this cannot be accepted.)
  • Other methods cannot prove your ID.
  • On the event day, you will need to exchange your ticket for a wrist band prior to entry. (Without the ticket, you will not be able to receive a wristband nor enter the venue.)
  • When you pick up the ticket at the ticket booth, ID and a printed copy of the confirmation e-mail are required in order to receive tickets at the ticket booth.
  • Multiple tickets bundled with one name that cannot be divided by number of people.
  • The admission band is not eligible to receive as a substitute and is worn directly from the ticket booth. If you have purchased multiple tickets, please make sure that all of you wear an admission band at the ticket booth together.
  • For 2-day pass, the wrist band should be kept safely for two days to enter the festival site. Two-day ticket purchaser owns the right to enter the festival site only. (Two people cannot use it for each day and 2-day pass cannot be partially cancelled of refunded.)
  • 1-Day pass ticket is only valid for the selected day, and cannot be changed to another date.
  • If you do not wear wrist band, you are not allowed to enter. If you damage it or lost it, the wrist band cannot be re-issued. Please be careful. If the wristband is not damaged but you request to exchange it (loose or tight), we re-issue new wristband after discarding the old one.


  • There will be a security check before you enter festival site to guarantee the safety of audience.
  • The festival will NOT keep any prohibited items found the security check, and you can use stockroom before entering the main gate. (Charged)
  • Further security check with a metal detector or X-RAY research can be done depending on specific artist request.
  • In this performance, very loud sounds, strobe lights, hydro, flames, fireworks, Animatronix, other flash-lit lighting, image effects, artificial fog, smoke, lighting effects, lasers, etc. are used. Please refrain from booking this performance in case of those who may respond sensitive to heart disease, pregnant women and elderly or feeble-minded person who are sensitive with external stimuli, and cause health problems such as stroke, photophobia, or other illnesses. The Organizer is not responsible for any illnesses or injuries during a performance that was not pre-shared.
  • The venue and surrounding areas of the performance may cause potential physical injury to the guest, such as loss of hearing, stroke, severe health risks, or death. The guest himself is well informed of all possible dangers and shall be held liable for accidents or injuries during the event.
  • You may be expelled by safety guards when you make a noise, abuse or assault that hurts others.


  • Glass items, cans, fireworks, spray cans, torches, flag poles, selfie stick, umbrellas, baseball bats, weapons, tools, sticks, stab or thrust weapons, firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon, items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health, or wellbeing of other audience members, and any other item which may be considered as dangerous by the organization
  • Drones and remote-control toys
  • Carriers, Carts, Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards, other electronic device that has mobility
  • Any hard balls. (Baseball, Soccer Balls, Basket Balls, Boomerang, etc.)
  • Unauthorized professional cameras with tripods, large sized zoom lenses including DSLR cameras
  • Expensive items. (The festival is not responsible for personal property loss.)
  • Mat, lawn chairs, tents, ice boxes, or other camping gears
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia that are prohibited by Korean Government
  • Other items that has potential threaten festival’s production. (LED, Laser, pointer, plan card, etc.)
  • Other items that has potential threaten festival security
  • Necessary walking aids and wheelchairs are allowed but there might be some restrictions for certain areas of festival.


  • The artist’s circumstances may alter the cast artists, schedules, and times. Due to this reason, no refund or partial refund is possible.
  • Garlands, gifts, fan letters, etc. for the artist are not accepted.
  • Please keep the area tidy and the trash in the trash bin when you eat food to ensure pleasant watching and to protect the venue.
  • Smoking (including Electronic cigarettes) is only permitted within official smoking zones.
  • Individual events, promotions and commercial activities that were not discussed in advance are not allowed.
  • Please keep an eye on the facilities and decorations inside and outside the site. In the event of damages, you may be held liable for compensation.
  • Pet is not allowed. (However, guide dogs for the blind can be entered as an exception.)
  • You can move between stages freely after wearing the admission band. Each performance venue is limited in capacity and may be limited to safety issues depending on the circumstances. Once you leave the main gate, you will not be able to enter once again. (2-day pass also cannot re-enter same day.)


  • The goods storage service is operated by external partner with the organizer with the fee.
  • Service fee will be notified later via official SNS.
  • Your goods will be stored in a special plastic bag. Please note that we are not responsible for the loss or damage to the item caused by the lost or not visited by the closing time. Be aware to have your number ticket with you and pick up your goods before the closing time.
  • Do not store goods that are fragile or over-sized. However, you can store the carrier.


  • Inside and outside the event area, you will find a medical booth and an ambulance with simple first aid.
  • In the event of an emergency, quickly notify the appropriate personnel, bodyguards, or staff at the nearest information booth.


  • All performances go on rain or shine, and no refunds will be allowed in the event of rain.