Can teenagers buy the tickets?

This performance is open to audiences over the age of 19. Tickets can be purchased after the adult authentication procedure. We will check ALL audience’s ID and if audience is under 19 then NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER nor REFUND.

What do I need to do when I change tickets for my admission band?

When you have already received your tickets, you need to prepare your tickets and ID card for the change. When you will immediately receive your tickets in the spot, you should prepare your purchase certification (or purchase-confirmed text message) and your ID card.
Please do not forget to take your ID card with you when collecting the admission band because others cannot receive your tickets on behalf of you.

My ticket is lost and damaged. Can I enter into the festival?

Tickets that you received will not be re-issued in any case (Lost, Damage, etc), and the admission bands will not be exchanged as well. Therefore, please keep your tickets carefully until the day of performance. When you lose or damage your admission bands, you also cannot enter into the festival.

I want to cancel my reserved ticket.

You can cancel your reservation ticket according to the cancellation policy of each booking office. However, the ticket cannot be changed or refunded on the day of performance. The tickets that have been shipped must be returned to the booking office by the dace of the cancellation.

After I receive the admission band, can I go outside?

You are free to move among stages. However, once you leave the main gate, you will not be able to enter once again. Please confirm whether there is anything left in your car or there is any business outside before you enter into the main gate.

Should I see performance at designated seats?

The festival is a stand-up performance and does not have any seats. You will be able to enjoy any stage freely.

What is the performance time?

The specific performance time can be checked by the menu of LINE UP – TIME TABLE.

Can I shoot?

You can take commemorative photographs at a normal level. However, it is prohibited for you to take photographs, videos and recordings of performances and artists to protect copyrights and publicity rights and to proceed with performances smoothly. Upon detection, data will be deleted, and we will send you off and take legal action.

Where can I find lost items?

Lost items will be accepted at information booth in the day of performance. After the festival, the lost items will be announced on the official website and SNS until Friday, September 13, 2019. The item will be kept until Sunday, September 22, 2019 after the festival, and will be discarded. Please note that the Organizer / Organizing Company will not be held responsible for the lost items that not received. Therefore, please be careful about keeping belongs.